Building a Sweeter Future: The Active Citizens Project ‘D-TRAINING’
Combats Diabetes Through Robotics

O3 Out of the Ordinary in partnership with Foundation for the Cultural Exchange toTU toTAM, is proud to announce its participation in the Active Citizens Fund program with the initiative D-TRAINING. This innovative project tackles the growing issue ofmdiabetes through a fun and engaging approach: educational robotics.

D-TRAINING is a six-month initiative focused on empowering individuals, particularly children, to take charge of their health and well-being through diabetes and nutrition education using robotics. The program involves a collaborative exchange of, expertise between Poland and Greece.

The Power of Partnership

  • Foundation for the Cultural Exchange toTU toTAM brought their experience in delivering social inclusion projects and their ongoing diabetes initiatives, D-CAMP and D-PATH.
  • O3 Out of the Ordinary contributed knowledge in educational robotics and proven success with educational material like LEGO® Education.

A Shared Vision
This partnership aimed to:

  • Increase awareness about diabetes and nutrition, particularly among children.
  • Empower individuals to manage their diabetes effectively.
  • Promote STEM education by sparking an interest in science, technology, engineering, and math.
  • Foster collaboration between organizations working on health and social issues.
  • Develop educational resources that can be used by others to educate their communities.
  • Create a sustainable impact by training local staff and developing resources for long-term use.

Engaging Activities
D-TRAINING featured a range of interactive activities, including:

  • Training sessions: Staff exchanges allowing knowledge transfer on diabetes education, robotics, and educational program development.
  • Workshops: Children in Poland and Greece participated in hands-on workshops using Lego robots to learn about diabetes in a fun and engaging way.
  • Open Days: Public events showcased the program’s activities and results, encouraging broader community involvement.

Engaging with Experts
Dimitris Siskos from O3 visited the Department of Health of the University of Przemysl in Poland conversing with experienced Professors, Faculty and Universit students regarding the project’s outcomes and activities.

Magdalena Pardel from the Foundation for the Cultural Exchange toTU toTAM when visiting Greece engaged with Dr. Kontopidou Irini, Clinical dietitian MSc, PhDc as well as Christos Kontogiorgis an Assistant Professor, Laboratory of Health and Protection, Department of Medicine, Democritus University of Thrace

A Brighter Future
D-TRAINING has the potential to create a lasting positive impact. By equipping local staff with the necessary knowledge and skills, the program can ensure the
continuation of diabetes education beyond the project’s lifespan. Additionally, the prospect of future collaborations between toTU toTAM and O3 Out of the Ordinary is an exciting development for promoting health and well-being through innovative
educational methods.

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