micro: Maqueen Lite with Skin (Red) – micro:bit Educational Programming Robot Platform

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Το Maqueen Lite είναι ένα εκπαιδευτικό ρομπότ προγραμματισμού STEAM. Παρά το μίνι σώμα, διαθέτει εξαιρετική εμφάνιση και κληρονομεί την ικανότητα αναπαραγωγής και την απλή λειτουργία του micro:bit. Επιπλέον, υπάρχουν περιβλήματα με τέσσερα ζωηρά χρώματα κόκκινο, πράσινο, μπλε και άσπρο σχεδιασμένα για το Maqueen Lite, γεγονός που το κάνει πιο δημοφιλές στα παιδιά.

Available on backorder

Available on backorder

SKU: ROB0148-EN-LR Category:


Note: The product includes micro: Maqueen Lite-micro:bit Educational Programming Robot Platform with Red skin (Installed).

micro:bit board and batteries are not included.

The pretty skin not only makes it more popular with children but also effectively protects the core circuit from damage. If you only need the skin, you can choose one of them re d , green , blue , white  .

Maqueen Lite is a STEAM educational programming robot. Despite a mini-body, it comes with an exquisite appearance and inherits the playability and simple operation of micro:bit. Besides, there are housings with four lively colors red, green, blue, and gray designed for Maqueen Lite, which makes it more popular with kids.

Maqueen Lite works well with both micro:bit V1 and V2, and integrates rich peripherals like ultrasonic ranging sensor, IR receiver, IR line-tracking sensor, LED car lights, RGB ambient lights, etc.

Suggest Age: 8 +

Maqueen is accessible to Mind+ Programming platform now. Mind+ is a graphical programming platform from DFRobot, supporting Python, Arduino, and other programming platforms. At present, Mind+ has been applied to all kinds of sensors, modules, and related educational products.

We recommend that students choose micro: Maqueen Lite with skin, easier to operate. Motors, vehicle wheels, support wheel, skin, and battery holder has been installed before delivery.

This kit includes a track map, more suitable for teaching.

The Differences between
micro: Maqueen Lite with skin & micro: Maqueen Lite


micro: Maqueen

(Parts and skin has been installed before delivery)


(Spare Parts)



Red / White Blue / Green

Not selectable

LED Light Flash and RGB Breathing Ambient Light:

micro: Maqueen Lite micro: Maqueen Lite

Light-operated Sprite:

micro: Maqueen Lite

Line Tracking:

micro: Maqueen Lite



  • Exquisite appearance and lively colors, popular with kids
  • No need to install, get started in minutes
  • Latest Maqueen 4.2 core, stable and steady performance
  • Support micro:bit V1 and V2 and Maqueen Mechanic Kit


Additional information


Supply Voltage: 3.5V~5V DC ( Three AAA batteries )
Infrared Line-tracking Sensor (High/low level) x 2
Buzzer x 1
Infrared Receiver (NEC encode) x 1
LED Car Lights (High/low-level control) x 2
RGB Ambient Light (Full 16 million colors) x 4
SR04 Ultrasonic Interface (5V) x 1
I2C (3.3V) x 1
Servo Port (S1 S2) x 2
Gravity Expansion Port (P0, P1, P2) x 3
N20 Metal Gear Motor x 2
Motor Reduction Ratio: 1:150
Maximum Rotate Speed: 133 rpm
Motor Drive Mode: PWM
Support Wheel Material: POM
Vehicle Wheel Material: ABS
Tyre Material: eco-friendly rubber
Programming Method: MakeCode, Mind+


81x 85 x 44mm / 3.19 x 3.35 x 1.73” (micro:bit not included)


75.55g ( Μπαταρία, micro:bit και περιφερειακά αξεσουάρ δεν συμπεριλαμβάνονται)


Maqueen Lite Vehicle Body x1
(Note: Motors, vehicle wheels, support wheel, skin, and battery holder have been installed before delivery)
H-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor x1
Line-tracking Map x1